Message from June Camp Directors

Hello June Campers:

We hope this finds all of you well. Brian and I are beginning the count down to June camp.  We are well rested from this long winter, and excited to be planning our week together in Tyler.  

Camp registration will be coming out soon (if only we would get our information to Richard, so he could send it out…).  On that note, we would like to encourage any of you crafty folks to consider sharing your talents and skills by planning and teaching a craft session or two.  If you would be willing, please contact our Craft Wrangler: Karen Vierstraete Werth at kevwerth@clinician.comI can tell you from personal experience you don’t have to be that talented to take on teaching a craft, as most campers are pretty crafty and they will make you look like a genius when displaying their creative works.  
Brian has mentioned that the first person to offer doing a “man” craft will get to have their table go first at Sunday’s evening meal (not to be confused with dinner).  Now just to be clear, “man” craft is not limited to men and doesn’t have to be taught by a man, it just needs to appeal to the masculine nature, for example “mumblety-peg”.  We wait with bated breathe to see what you may come up with.  
If any of you are interested in volunteering in a particular area at camp, but did not indicate on the survey form last summer – just let us know.  There are endless opportunities, and we would love to include you.
Some of the feedback we gathered last summer mentioned that it would be nice to have babysitting extend beyond midnight.  Also mentioned was possible babysitting options during the day.  We would like to ask if you want us to investigate these options.  Families interested in extended babysitting would probably need to pay an additional fee.  We would like feedback from you before we spend much time exploring this. 
Last year we were barely able to accommodate folks with rooms in the dorms.  So with that in mind, you may want to get your registration form in early to assure a room and/or consider camping.  
We hope to bring some new experiences to camp this year, as well as the good ole’ traditional things we love about camp.  Our creative juices are flowing, so buckle up….   Mark your calendars for June 22-28 to come to Danebod.
Warm wishes from Iowa,

Amy Desenberg-Wines & Brian Wines & (Assistants Emma & Ellen Wines)

Fearless Camp Leaders
June 2014