A Message from 2020 Danebod Folk Meeting Co-Directors

Dear Danebod Folk Meeting participants and supporters,

We hope this finds you and your families safe and well.

On behalf of the Folk Meeting Planning Committee, thank you for your past support of and engagement with the annual Danebod Folk Meeting in Tyler.  Your presence each year enriches the Folk Meeting experience in so many ways.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is seriously impacting our ability to safely gather in community this year, something we have certainly taken for granted in the past.  The Planning Committee shares your concerns related to traveling and gathering at Danebod this year.  In the interests of safety for all, the Planning Committee has made the decision to cancel the 2020 in-person Danebod Folk Meeting and explore possibilities for some kind of “virtual” meeting for this year.  We’ll share more about that in the weeks to come.  We sincerely hope that circumstances in 2021 will be such that we can once again come together for learning and fellowship.

We also want to take this opportunity to invite you to support the Danebod Folk Meeting differently this year.  The success of the Danebod Folk School experience has always been anchored in community support and generosity.  Unfortunately, we will not be the only group to cancel an event at Danebod this summer. These cancellations are going to adversely affect Danebod’s ability to fulfill its mission and hamper its ability to serve when this current challenge ends.

Would you consider joining us in making a gift to the Folk School general operating fund or to the new Danebod Folk School Foundation?  (The Foundation brochure is attached with more information.)  While we realize that some of you may be financially impacted by COVID-19, perhaps others might be willing to consider a gift to help sustain the Folk School so that it will be ready for us to return next year.Although we’re deeply disappointed in the need to cancel this year’s in-person event, we will try to keep you updated in the coming months regarding our efforts at being able to offer some kind of virtual event.  We hope many of you will reach out to each other to stay in touch during this year, and we look forward to seeing all of you for a doubly joyous reunion in 2021!

Sonja Hansen-Walker and Anita Thomsen Young

Co-Directors, Danebod Folk Meeting

2020 Session Cancellations

Dear Danebod Campers,

We hope everyone is safe and well as the COVID-19 situation continues to escalate. As we announced in late March, the Danebod Family Camps board met virtually this week to discuss safety and feasibility concerns regarding this summer’s June and July 2020 camp sessions. The Danebod Folk School Committee in Tyler also gathered their members for a board meeting this week. Across the two boards, we have made the unanimous decision to cancel June and July 2020 sessions of Danebod. The August Danebod Folk Camp board is also weighing a similar decision.

As it has become clearer that the COVID-19 virus will still be widely present throughout the US by this summer, the risk that camp could pose to beloved members of our community and the town of Tyler is too great. The decision was not made lightly and we share everyone’s disappointment that we will not be able to convene this summer for the fun and fellowship we all cherish so much.

More information about the discussion and steps the boards have taken preceding these votes can be found in the minutes from this week’s Emergency Session on this website.

Note: any registration deposit checks that have been received by the registrar will be shredded on Friday, April 17th, unless the registrar is contacted by that date with a request to have their check returned.

As was voiced by a camper through the survey, “Danebod will prevail.” 2020 Directors and the board are committed to helping facilitate opportunities for all of us to stay closely connected through 2020 and we will be sharing more information on virtual activities and other considerations in coming weeks. Please do continue to reach out with any advice or ideas!

Thank you,

Maia Olsen, President

Janet & Nansi Brown, June Directors

Laura & ErikPeter Walker, July Directors