About Danebod Family Camp

About the Camps

Since 1947, Danebod Family Camps have become their own tradition and have grown to include two one-week camps held every summer in June and July. Fellowship extends to everyone who comes to camp welcoming new ideas, experiences, and traditions. Each year the Danebod camp experience grows richer for the participation of all who have come before. People—families, single parents, grandparents, retirees, singles, and young adults and children of all ages—come to share their traditions and gain new life experiences.


The Danebod Family Camps (pronounced don ‘ah bo or dan ‘ah bo) have met since 1948 under the leadership of the campers themselves. Each camper is encouraged to become involved in planning and implementing camp activities. The camps are governed by a volunteer board, which is composed of campers elected from each camp session, plus active permanent members.


The Danebod Family Camps are held at the Danebod Folk School campus in the southwest Minnesota town of Tyler. Tyler is on US Highway 14, with the Danebod Folk School located one block south of US 14.

Beginning and Ending

Camp opens with supper Sunday evening and closes with breakfast Saturday morning. Plan to arrive early Sunday afternoon, in time to unpack and settle in, as activities can begin as early as 4 P.M.

Daily Activities

Morning singing
Morning dancing
Tea time
Evening singing
Evening activities
Late evening dancing

Housing and Food

Housing is provided in the Folk School Dormitory, which is close to all activities. You may, if you choose, bring you own camper or tent which allows the camp to accommodate more people. All campers must bring their own bed linens, blankets, and towels. Upon request, older children may be assigned to room with other children of the same age and sex. All meals, which include some Danish specialties, are prepared by local cooks, and served in the lower level Dining Hall of the Dormitory building. Cost includes all meals, except for local campers who pay per meal.

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