Danebod Family Camp Board

Standing Board Members


Exp 2020   Kate Van Eyck

Exp 2020   Karen Vierstraete Werth

Exp 2019   Melissa Anderson

Exp 2019   Leah Gruhn

Exp 2018   Nan Miller (for Gerry Werth)

Exp 2018   Michael Schwartz


Exp 2020   Anna Bullard

Exp 2020   Lars Olsen

Exp 2019   Tina Maynor

Exp 2019   Anna Murray

Exp 2018   Bill Coalson

Exp 2018   Dennis Spader


Exp 2020

Exp 2020

Exp 2019   Grethe Bornhoft

Exp 2019   Linda Jacobsen

Exp 2018   Andrea Juhl

Exp 2018   Jim Quartemont

Executive Committee

Annalise Munnich (President)

Laura Bernard (Vice President)

Russel Weikle (Secretary)

Janis Weikle (Treasurer)


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