Danebod Family Camp Board

Standing Board Members


Exp 2020   Kate Van Eyck

Exp 2020   Karen Vierstraete Werth

Exp 2021   Xander Nielsen

Exp 2021   Val Leussler

Exp 2022   Susana Huntwork

Exp 2022   Beatrice Grant


Exp 2020   Anna Bullard

Exp 2020   Lars Olsen

Exp 2021   Susan Jacobsen

Exp 2021   ErikPeter Walker

Exp 2022   Gerta Sorensen

Exp 2022   Ahna Murray


Exp 2020  Nick Legeros

Exp 2020  Alan Gift

Exp 2021  Jessica Petersen

Exp 2021 Jesse Kramme

Exp 2022  Grethe Bornhoft

Exp 2022


Executive Committee

Maia Olsen (President)

Rus Weikle (Vice President)

SvenErik Olsen (Secretary)

Janis Weikle (Treasurer)


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