2020 Session Cancellations

Dear Danebod Campers,

We hope everyone is safe and well as the COVID-19 situation continues to escalate. As we announced in late March, the Danebod Family Camps board met virtually this week to discuss safety and feasibility concerns regarding this summer’s June and July 2020 camp sessions. The Danebod Folk School Committee in Tyler also gathered their members for a board meeting this week. Across the two boards, we have made the unanimous decision to cancel June and July 2020 sessions of Danebod. The August Danebod Folk Camp board is also weighing a similar decision.

As it has become clearer that the COVID-19 virus will still be widely present throughout the US by this summer, the risk that camp could pose to beloved members of our community and the town of Tyler is too great. The decision was not made lightly and we share everyone’s disappointment that we will not be able to convene this summer for the fun and fellowship we all cherish so much.

More information about the discussion and steps the boards have taken preceding these votes can be found in the minutes from this week’s Emergency Session on this website.

Note: any registration deposit checks that have been received by the registrar will be shredded on Friday, April 17th, unless the registrar is contacted by that date with a request to have their check returned.

As was voiced by a camper through the survey, “Danebod will prevail.” 2020 Directors and the board are committed to helping facilitate opportunities for all of us to stay closely connected through 2020 and we will be sharing more information on virtual activities and other considerations in coming weeks. Please do continue to reach out with any advice or ideas!

Thank you,

Maia Olsen, President

Janet & Nansi Brown, June Directors

Laura & ErikPeter Walker, July Directors

COVID-19: A Message from Danebod 2020 Directors & Pres. Maia Olsen

Dear Danebod Campers:

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

While many of us were hoping that the COVID-19 outbreak within the US would stay contained or pass quickly, that does not look to be the case and it will likely be quite some time before we are able to return to “business as usual”. There is a strong likelihood that the pandemic will adversely impact Danebod Family Camps during the summer of 2020.

The board will be holding an emergency conference call the first week of April to determine the path forward. 

We would appreciate any feedback and ideas you may have about Danebod during these challenging times. Please fill out this survey which the board will consult as it reaches a decision about whether or not Danebod family camp sessions will be held this summer.

Danebod 2020 Covid-19 Survey

We are mindful of the fact that this decision needs to be made soon so that Danebodians can plan accordingly. We also want to make sure our decision is a thoughtful one and that everyone has a chance to have their voice heard. Therefore, we will announce the board’s decision on Friday, April 10th. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and look forward to your ideas for keeping the spirit of Danebod aloft during this crisis.

Thank you,

Maia Olsen, President

Janet & Nansi Brown, June Directors

Laura & ErikPeter Walker, July Directors

2016 Fall Meeting

Fellow Danebodians!

Please join us for the annual Danebod Camps Meeting, Saturday October 15 at the Danish American Center*.

Please note the time shift- we are hoping it allows more people to attend the meeting and social activities while also giving time for camps and special committees to plan.

Board Meeting & Lunch-  Noon-3pm

3-Camp Committee Meetings-  3pm

Tea-  4pm

Singing 4:30pm

Pot Luck Supper- 5:30pm

Social Hour- 6:30-8pm

(June/July finance meetings and June Planning meeting in the morning)


Blue Skies,

Tina Maynor, President

Alex Legeros, Vice President

Janis Weikle, Treasurer

Richard Nielsen, Secretary


*3030 West River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Spring Greetings!

Greetings Danebodians!

One sure sign that spring is on its way is that Family Camp Registration Forms for the 2016 June and July camps are now available on our website.  Be sure to note early-bird deadlines.  We hope to see you at camp this year!

Here are a few updates from Danebod Camps Committees, all of which are made-up of members from June, July, & August camps.  Please address any questions or concerns to your camp’s representatives:

Food Committee- Thank you for your feedback!

We are so grateful for your participation in last year’s Food Committee work!  Your input helped us establish a great working relationship with cook Bronwyn Goehle.  Surveys from all three camps revealed three main points: Danish food traditions are important to us, we value including people who have food allergies and sensitivities, and we are seeking a balance between healthy and sweet for snacks and treats. Moving forward, the Food Committee will dissolve and every camp will collect feedback and share it with Bronwyn directly. Then, she will make any necessary tweaks in collaboration with the camp directors.

Accessible Housing Committee- Responding to Feedback!

Since October, the Accessible Housing committee has been busy responding to your feedback from the camps survey!

Here are three additional updates: 

  1. The Accessible Housing Committee went to the Folk School Committee meeting in Tyler on Monday, November 2, 2015. They presented the alternate ‘Cottage’ location for consideration and shared the results from summer camper survey. The Folk School Board subsequently voted unanimously to NOT recommend the alternate ‘Cottage’ location for consideration by the church. Therefore, the original ‘Swan Lake’ location will be the site for the building.
  1. The committee is thrilled to be working with Poul Bertelsen, Architect of the renovation at the Danish American Center in Minneapolis. With Poul’s help, the committee plans to take camper feedback from this summer’s survey and present complete plans to campers this summer!
  1. The Danebod Camps Board and the Accessible Housing Committee invite you to join us for a brainstorming meeting to kick-start the Fundraising Committee! Do you have expertise in development, capital campaigns, or fundraising? Are you passionate about camp and want to see a strong and sustainable future for generations to come? Then we want YOU! Join us at the Danish American Center* on Monday March 21st from 6-8pm. Beverages and light refreshments served. We can’t wait to see you there! RSVP tina.maynor@gmail.com


Questions?  See these committee members:

June- Dave Lessleur and John Nielsen

July- Glen Olsen, Carla Mortensen

August- Alex Legeros, Ted Brady, John Bornhoft, Svend Petersen

Folk School Liaison- Margie Bornhoft

Chair- Linda Jacobson


NEW Committee- Folk School Centennial

Our beloved brick folk school building turns 100 in 2017! To plan celebrations, we are assembling a three-camp committee. Maybe we could have a unified theme with a t-shirt design contest? Maybe we could collect some Folk School stories and memories from the last 100 years in a Danebod Story Corps? Or a folk school building art show? If you have ideas to share, contact Katie Seaburg, the committee chair at khmseaburg@gmail.com or contact one of your camp Folk School centennial Committee members. We are planning meeting before June camp.

June- Katie Seaburg & John Nielsen

July- Rus Weikle & Carla Mortensen

August- Alex Legeros & Erik Juhl

Chair- Katie Seaburg


Executive Committee- Annual Meeting Updates

It was another collaborative and enjoyable Annual Board Meeting for 2015! Please see the minutes, posted on the Family Camp website for full details. Here are a few action highlights:

We voted in an overwhelming majority to eliminate the Category I and II distinctions and therefore the point system. All three camps expressed that they continue to value new and veteran voices on the board and that each camp should be free to implement this as they see fit. A related motion to reduce the number of representatives from 6 per camp to 3 was presented but did not pass.

This year’s representatives are as follows:

2015-2016 Board Members


3 years – Michael Schwartz

2 years – Alex Dixon

1 year – Kathy Van Eyck

3 years – Gerry Werth

2 years – Nan Miller

1 year – Maggie Miller


3 years – Bill Coalson

2 years – Anika Kildegaard

1 year – Rus Weikle

3 years – Joel Mortensen

2 years – Dennis Spader

1 year – Curt Petersen


3 years – Andrea Juhl

2 years – Chris Kehew

1 year – Linda Jacobsen

3 years – Jim Quartemont

2 years – Karri Brady

1 year – Laura Bernard

Executive Committee

Tina Maynor (President)

Alex Legeros (Vice President)

Richard Nielsen (Secretary)

Janis Weikle (Treasurer)


Blue Skies!


*3030 West River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55406