History of Danebod

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The Folk School

Early settlers of the colony founded a residential school in the Danish tradition of folk High Schools and fostered the concept of “learning for living,” by which individuals sought to become enlightened and thoughtful citizens.  The Folk School Building stands as a testament to these values, and continues to serve as a place for fellowship and life-long learning.  Each charming dormitory style room is unique in plan and decoration.  A large kitchen and dining area provide a perfect setting for group meals and activities.  A lecture hall and several classrooms allow ample space for programming.

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The Gym Hall

The Gym Hall was originally built as a space for Danish gymnastics, folk dancing, music and theatrical performances, large social gatherings, and even worship before a church was built. The congregation at Danebod Lutheran Church upholds the Danish tradition of dancing around the Christmas tree each December, a magical memory held dear by every child who has grown up at Danebod.  The basement of the Gym Hall is commonly used for crafts such as stained glass and woodworking.

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The Stone Hall

An incredible work of masonry, the Stone Hall is an unofficial museum housing a collection of photographs, publication and objects important to the history of Danebod. The Stone Hall is also an intimate venue for activities and small lectures or discussion groups, and is typically open for public viewing during the Danebod Family Camp sessions.

Danebod Lutheran Church

“The Cross Church at Danebod” was dedicated Sunday, June 16, 1895.  It was built largely with volunteer labor and money pledged by the early settlers, who had little to give.  The Danebod Colony was established by a church organization and became the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

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