Danebod Family Camps 2021 Annual Board Meeting Minutes & Updates

Hello all:

Please see the documents below from the Danebod Family Camps 2021 Annual Board Meeting that took place on Saturday, October 9th.

2021 Annual Board Meeting Minutes

2021 Annual Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Revised Danebod Family Camps Guidelines

Proposed 2021-2022 Key Dates

The DFC board elected new executive committee members to four year terms: President Rus Weikle and Vice President Gerta Sorensen-London. The positions of treasurer (Janis Weikle) and secretary (SvenErik Olsen) will next be up in 2023 and 2024 respectively. 

Please send any questions, corrections or concerns regarding these documents to SvenErik at danebodsecretary@gmail.com or simply reply to this email. 

A Message from DFC President Rus Weikle:

Greetings fellow campers!

Every fall a few of us gather (this year virtually) to meet and discuss what many would call the “nitty-gritty” of Danebod Family Camps. During discussions of financial reports and structural guidelines I found myself thinking about how much has changed in the last few years; to say I miss camp is an understatement. I’m sure many of you can relate when reflecting on the memories we have made year after year, and while it feels like camp may never again be the same, I want to assure you that our highest priority is to find a safe path back to Tyler for everyone. We do not know for certain when in-person camps will begin again, but rest assured we will keep you closely informed as we get closer to Spring.

In the meantime, many campers have expressed interest in leading singing and dancing, teaching a craft, being a director, or serving as a board member for the camps. I know from personal experience that the opportunity to learn these trades during camp is very challenging, and can be difficult to coordinate during the other 51 weeks of the year. One of our biggest initiatives in the coming year is to identify and mentor future generations of resource leaders by hosting a Leadership Summit that would offer a day-long session of teaching these trades. If you have an interest in becoming a resource leader to help sustain our future family camps, please watch for further communication on this event coming soon. 

Lastly, I want to extend a huge thank you to Maia Olsen. Maia served on the board as president during the pandemic and accomplished so much while balancing work, life, and everything else! Her leadership and guidance over the last few years has prepared us for success in the coming years, and while she is no longer president, she has volunteered to stay on the board as a July member to help continue the momentum of our progress. Thank you, Maia!

Blue skies,

Rus Weikle

President, Danebod Family Camps

2021 Danebod Family Camp Session Cancellations

Dear Danebod Campers:

We hope you are healthy and safe as the COVID-19 virus continues to impact all aspects of our daily lives. We are heartened that vaccinations are ramping up and that we will make great strides in conquering the pandemic during the coming months.

As some of you may have heard, the Danebod Lutheran Church Council and the Danebod Folk School Board have made the decision to once again cancel June and July 2021 sessions of Danebod Family Camps due to the pandemic. There has not been a decision yet on the August session. 

The DFC executive committee and June & July directors respect the decision-making process of the church council and folk school board, and we agree that this difficult decision was the responsible one under the circumstances. While we are all again disappointed that we won’t be convening in Tyler for these sessions, we look forward expectantly to the day when we will be able to do so. 

In the meantime, the Danebod Family Camps executive officers will be holding a virtual working session on Sunday, March 21st from 1:00 – 3:00 PM central time. We will continue our ongoing work on updating the camp guidelines and governing structure. We will also be discussing potential plans for virtual activities for summer 2021. All campers are welcome to attend.  Please check your email for a Zoom link to this virtual meeting. If you wish to have your email address added to the list, please email danebodsecretary@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Maia Olsen, President

Rus Weikle, Vice President

Janis Weikle, Treasurer

Sven Olsen, Secretary

Janet & Nansi Brown, June Directors

Laura & ErikPeter Walker, July Directors

2020 Danebod T-Shirt Fundraiser

We are pleased to be able to put to good use Nate Johannes’ Danebod 2020 “I Can See Clearly Now” T-Shirt design, intended for this past summer’s camp that was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19.

Danebod Folk School Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front

Please click on this link to order T-shirts, the funds which will be donated to Danebod Lutheran Church and earmarked for the Danebod Folk School. Order now to get yours by Christmas!

2020 Danebod Family Camps Board and Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Greetings campers!

The Danebod Family Camps annual board and finance committee meetings were held the morning of Saturday, October 10th, 2020.

The finance committee meeting minutes can be found here.

The board meeting minutes can be found here.

The board proposed meeting again virtually in early to mid-December to review the camp’s current guidelines in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming meeting.

Questions or comments can be directed to danebodsecretary@gmail.com.

Thank you and stay safe!

SvenErik Olsen,

Danebod Family Camps Secretary

A message regarding Danebod “Virtual” Folk Meeting registration:

Greetings, everyone — hope this finds all of you safe and well in these unsettled times.
I’m writing today to remind you about the “virtual” Folk Meeting that will be held in August this year since we are unable to meet for an in-person event.  We have a wonderful program planned which will include singing and excellent speakers, and we hope you’ll choose to join and be part of the community.
Details about the event–including speaker bios and session schedules–can be found here. The registration form can be found here.  Registration will close on July 15, so please print out the registration form and send it in today!
We hope to “see” you in August!

Anita Young, on behalf of —
Danebod Folk Meeting Committee

Virtual Folk Meeting Update & Green “World of Song” Reprints

Greetings, everyone!  I’m writing today with two exciting opportunities for you!
First, the Danebod Folk Meeting Planning Committee has put on their creative technical hats and put together a Virtual Folk Meeting for August 2020!  Although we regret not being able to gather in person, we think this will be an enjoyable and informative alternative that will bring us together in a new, imaginative way.  You will need to register for this event and pay a fee as always to help cover costs.  You will find all the details about the event and registration here and bios of participating speakers here.  Hope to “see” you in August!

Second, many of you have expressed interest in buying copies of the green “World of Song” book that we use at the Folk Meeting.  We have finally secured the necessary copyright permissions and have found a printer, so e are ready to take orders!  Please see the details and order form here.
Hope this finds you safe and well!

Anita Young, on behalf of — 
Danebod Folk Meeting Committee

A Message from 2020 Danebod Folk Meeting Co-Directors

Dear Danebod Folk Meeting participants and supporters,

We hope this finds you and your families safe and well.

On behalf of the Folk Meeting Planning Committee, thank you for your past support of and engagement with the annual Danebod Folk Meeting in Tyler.  Your presence each year enriches the Folk Meeting experience in so many ways.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is seriously impacting our ability to safely gather in community this year, something we have certainly taken for granted in the past.  The Planning Committee shares your concerns related to traveling and gathering at Danebod this year.  In the interests of safety for all, the Planning Committee has made the decision to cancel the 2020 in-person Danebod Folk Meeting and explore possibilities for some kind of “virtual” meeting for this year.  We’ll share more about that in the weeks to come.  We sincerely hope that circumstances in 2021 will be such that we can once again come together for learning and fellowship.

We also want to take this opportunity to invite you to support the Danebod Folk Meeting differently this year.  The success of the Danebod Folk School experience has always been anchored in community support and generosity.  Unfortunately, we will not be the only group to cancel an event at Danebod this summer. These cancellations are going to adversely affect Danebod’s ability to fulfill its mission and hamper its ability to serve when this current challenge ends.

Would you consider joining us in making a gift to the Folk School general operating fund or to the new Danebod Folk School Foundation?  (The Foundation brochure is attached with more information.)  While we realize that some of you may be financially impacted by COVID-19, perhaps others might be willing to consider a gift to help sustain the Folk School so that it will be ready for us to return next year.Although we’re deeply disappointed in the need to cancel this year’s in-person event, we will try to keep you updated in the coming months regarding our efforts at being able to offer some kind of virtual event.  We hope many of you will reach out to each other to stay in touch during this year, and we look forward to seeing all of you for a doubly joyous reunion in 2021!

Sonja Hansen-Walker and Anita Thomsen Young

Co-Directors, Danebod Folk Meeting